Who are your favourite warriors?

Friday, September 24, 2010

another day at work

So who the hell do i think i am?!

Lets start with this; I do enjoy my work.
One just needs to ventilate some times and puke out all thats shit to cope with it. So i guess this blogg will take a fair amount of whining and complaints, but the corps know im love it.
Sort of like a relationship; You love her to death, but sometimes she can just piss you off so hard you could kill her.

At the moment i am working in the "training wing", teaching recruits the fine art of taking another mans life.
This meaning; There wont be any war-stories and gory details from me. What i will talk about however, is the other part of the life as a marine. The part where your on national soil, not beeing shot at.

The reason i'm at home, teaching punks, is i just had surgery done to my knee, so im not "fit for action" right now.
Knee's got shattered when i jumped down to help a comrade that got injured. More on that laters!

TL DR; Marine with shattered knee-caps, teaching recruits.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I smell a rat...

So here we are, starting a Blogg about something that i thought noone would ever care about.
A 23yr old man, doing a job that serves minimum wage and serves no social status..

A friend told me over a few drinks how people read the most shitty bloggs all day, mostly from 15yr olds discussing makeup.
I'll give it a shot, see if there's anyone interested in my anonymous, online debreefing..

Coming up with real posts soon, stay tuned!