Who are your favourite warriors?

Friday, September 24, 2010

So who the hell do i think i am?!

Lets start with this; I do enjoy my work.
One just needs to ventilate some times and puke out all thats shit to cope with it. So i guess this blogg will take a fair amount of whining and complaints, but the corps know im love it.
Sort of like a relationship; You love her to death, but sometimes she can just piss you off so hard you could kill her.

At the moment i am working in the "training wing", teaching recruits the fine art of taking another mans life.
This meaning; There wont be any war-stories and gory details from me. What i will talk about however, is the other part of the life as a marine. The part where your on national soil, not beeing shot at.

The reason i'm at home, teaching punks, is i just had surgery done to my knee, so im not "fit for action" right now.
Knee's got shattered when i jumped down to help a comrade that got injured. More on that laters!

TL DR; Marine with shattered knee-caps, teaching recruits.


  1. Im sorry to hear that man but someone has to teach the new recruits

  2. gatta do it - hang in there bud

  3. Get to da choppa, also why is this in german? Sprechen?

  4. This story made me cringe. Can you walk or anything? How the hell do you recover from shattered knees?

  5. Owowowow, how far did you jump?

    They also probably teach how to fall/jump properly too so I can only imagine what an improper jump would have done.